Welcome! ....As a Painter and Textile Artist....... I also make "stuff". I love the creative process... My design style spans from the charm and unpretentions of the Rustic, Folkart Primitives, the comfortable and pleasant Cottage/Traditionals, to the surprises in Found Object and the mystery of Improvisational Abstract. I am inspired by God and His creation... I design and paint, and sew and knit and carve wood, and enjoy needle handwork... My creative curiosity leads me from one to the next... I enjoy my garden, have a dog and a cat, love the outdoors, and I enjoy my family and friends! I currently live in the beautiful state of Idaho...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Interplay 2010

The hot spell has broken and more reasonable weather abides here now...yeah!
Have a wonderful week!
Val   :-)

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  1. Dear Val, I came right over to meet you. I scrolled quite a ways down to see if I could tell just WHERE in KS you live. It interests me because I was born in HUTCHINSON, finished college in STERLING, moved as newlywed to NORTON, and summered in HAYS and have a daughter who with her family currently lives in MCPHERSON!

    After all that, I imagine you live in the north east or southwest :)

    I hope you'll soon find a job (if you need one and haven't already).


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