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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cross Stitching...Quiet Comfort

     I'm cross stitching again...  This is my latest project.  I designed it the other day, bought some 28 count linen, overdyed it to gve it an older look and now I can say that "I'm gaining on it...".  I'm using Simply Shaker Sampler Threads.  This particular black thread is named "Raven".  It has a dark green undertone, that I really like.  The design has a primitive aspect...   Unpretentious...  When it is completely finished, I will post it.  There is such quiet comfort in this process for me. 
    I have started making some bread this morning and it is beginning it's first rise...I love to have bread baking in the oven.  Even seeing it cooling on the rack is visually pleasing..  There is quiet comfort in breadmaking also...  I hope you have something that brings you comfort today...
Keep Creating,

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