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Thursday, February 23, 2012

In a slump...And lessons learned!

Have you ever been in a slump?  I must confess, I'm in one now.  My sewing machine and all my supplies are probably wondering if I have fallen off the edge of the earth..  I think it is due to too much work and not enough down time for me.  I have been filling in for fellow workers for medical leave and vacations, and I am most happy to do it, and soon I will again have more time for myself.  And hopefully my creativity will be bounding along ahead again, with me in tow, trying to keep up!  Inspiration is an odd animal and visits me, when entreated with energy to contribute to the process.  Fortunately, I've been sleeping well, which is a must, so once the normal routine is resumed, I should be OK...  I miss it though and look forward to being back to, what is normal for me...ideas, inspiration and creativity flowing again!

I'm thinking that it is that old truth about not being able to appreciate the sunshine unless you have days of clouds.  And so it goes, it seems, with inspiration.  I'm appreciating it very much now that I am in my days of clouds...  I used to pride myself, in that, there are so many things that I have my hands in that, when I would hit a wall, I would just move onto another medium and go on my merry way.  And now...nothing is happening...  There is a lesson here for me..  Another old truth:  Make hay while the sun shines!...because there may be days, when it doesn't.  I count it as a blessing to have this time to be introspective and learn my lessons.
Keep creating (and I'll be joining you soon!),

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