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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Closing a business...

I've been a part of overseeing the closing of a business, (and it has taken all of my attention and energy),  that has been in operation for 53 years.  It was built in 1957 and loved by many people.  People have been wandering the grounds, taking pictures and telling us of their memories and their sadness.  We are having an auction on July 1st and 2nd to sell all the contents and even the vintage sign which is an icon of the community.  I have had calls from the coasts asking if it was true and what can they do to get a little momento to add to their memories....  My last day is Friday...so I hope to post my Creative Blog information this weekend....  Again, I apologize for the tardiness....

----The artful photograph is of the sign at night and was taken by Tamara Ledkins....
Val  :-(


  1. Hi Val, I have just found your blog and hope I can leave a message .... it doesn't always work!

  2. Hi Val, it's me again Val .... sorry it was such a silly message that I left before, usually I can't leave a message of this kind of message blog so I am so surprised that I have managed to do so. I just want to say "Hello" to a new sister in Christ, it is such a joy to have found your blog.
    I pray that you will be strengthened each day to cope with all that you are doing.
    Blessings, Val xx

  3. Thank you for checking in with me! It's so nice to meet another Val. And also, thank you for your sentiment... I tried to follow you back to your blog, but it wouldn't let me...
    Val :-)


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