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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Tribute to Vanessa Cabban...

     Vanessa Cabban had a blog named "Do You Mind if I Knit?" that was a world of inspiration for me.  She was a children's book illustrator, painter, knitter and crocheter, made the most wonderful paper mache figures, and sewer...  When I would visit her blog, I was always inspired...  She recently was killed at the too early age of 43 in a train accident.  My heart is so sad...  She was such a gentle spirit and generous with her techniques.  She also included her stories of her dogs, that I could so relate to...  Such a loss to the world.  I know she inspired many.  You can view her blog here:  http://doyoumindifiknit.typepad.com/ .
     She knitted the most beautiful fair isle designs.  Above, you can see that I have been going back into my Scandinavian heritage and knitting contentedly.  Her colorations were different than mine, but so beautiful. 
     I hope you can find inspiration in whatever you enjoy doing...
Keep Creating,


  1. Like you, I was inspired by Vanessa, and over the years when she was active on her blog, we exchanged emails occasionally. So many people have been posting about her sudden and untimely death, the sadness we have all felt has been quite something, and I hope her family have been able to read some of the many tributes to her and gained some comfort from them.

    1. Makes me so sad... The world has lost something very special...

  2. Thank you. Vanessa was a lovely woman who should be remembered for the pleasure she brought to so many with her blog. She was always such good company, full of fun and friendliness. She will be missed very much for sure. She was very talented and special. So sad. Goodbye Vanessa xxx


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