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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Apple Butter!

     A friend had 10 pounds of apples that she didn't know what to do with and offered them to me, and I thought, "I know what to do with them,...apple butter!"  My mother used to make it for our family when I was a child and when I had a family of my own she gave me the recipe.  It is easy to make although there are some steps involved.  I washed and halved the apples and put them in a roaster with just enough water to cover the bottom layer and covered it and put it on a medium low setting and just let them cook.  Along the way, I mashed and stirred them.  The result is what you see above.  I then put them through a food mill, added sugar and spices and put them in my slow cooker on low for about 12 hours. The house smelled heavenly! And the result was....

I took the pint to work and got rave reviews,...I had to concur I love it too!
This too, is part of the creative life!
Keep Creating, Val


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  1. Brings back memories of apple butter in my youth...I'll have to get my recipe out!


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