Welcome! ....As a Painter and Textile Artist....... I also make "stuff". I love the creative process... My design style spans from the charm and unpretentions of the Rustic, Folkart Primitives, the comfortable and pleasant Cottage/Traditionals, to the surprises in Found Object and the mystery of Improvisational Abstract. I am inspired by God and His creation... I design and paint, and sew and knit and carve wood, and enjoy needle handwork... My creative curiosity leads me from one to the next... I enjoy my garden, have a dog and a cat, love the outdoors, and I enjoy my family and friends! I currently live in the beautiful state of Idaho...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trip to New Mexico

What a whirlwind trip!  Left on Friday and back by Sunday night.  Our destination was Alamogordo and on the way home, we went through the mountains via Riudoso in the evening.  The light was fabulous.  With my artist's eye, the illuminated trees appeared to be glowing with the dark backdrop of the sky...breathtaking.

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